At Geraplay, we are passionately dedicated to sharing tips, strategies, and activities so you and your loved one have the happiest, most peaceful, and most enjoyable journey possible through the world of dementia.

While working with people with dementia, I learned that you have to be especially creative to piece together the necessary resources for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s. We can help people find medical attention, nutrition services, even 24-hour supervision, but then what? We can take care of our loved ones’ bodies, but what about their minds? What are people with dementia supposed to do all day? I found that there just weren’t enough ready-to-go, tried-and-true activities to entertain and engage people with dementia. Studies have shown that carefully designed sensory stimulation can make people with dementia more cooperative, more alert, and more responsive. That’s why I founded Geraplay.

Our philosophy is that we can all learn to find positive aspects of Alzheimer’s and dementia. If we improve our loved one’s environment by providing special sensory stimulation, and if we learn to focus on the blessings, not just the challenges, then we will be able to look back on our loved one’s journey and know what we did our best for your loved one. I want to make sure that your last memories of your loved one aren’t just full of stress, guilt, and regret. I want to make sure you remember your loved one smiling.

More Good Days are on the Way!

-Sheyna, Founder of Geraplay, LLC