Geraplay™ “Made with Love” Activity Mat

Your Made with Love activity mat includes 12 unique textures and features to keep your loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia happy and busy. Your loved one will enjoy discovering the string of plastic pearls in the mystery pocket, twirling the satin ribbon, squeezing the crinkly red flap, and much more. This activity mat is designed to make your loved one calmer and more alert. More Good Days are on the Way!

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Did your loved one enjoy embroidery, needlepoint, knitting, crocheting, sewing, or other crafts? She might no longer be able to do the things she loved, but this activity mat is designed to be comforting and engaging so that your loved experiences moments of joy every time she uses it. The familiar images and textures are also a great memory prompt to encourage reminiscing about past hobbies.

This design is inspired by a lady I met almost 10 years ago in my first job leading activities for people with Alzheimer’s. This lovely lady with Alzheimer’s still thought that she could knit even though she no longer remembered how. Even though she had lost the skill, the idea of knitting and the memory of it still gave her joy. I could always comfort her, distract her, and make her smile by asking her to “teach” me to knit. She would start to explain, then forget and start over. I eagerly learned the first step of knitting over and over, and, to this day, I still don’t know what comes after “casting on.”

PLUS this activity mat is thoughtfully designed with great features to make caregiving easier!

  • This mat includes a blank name label on the back of the mat to write your loved one’s name! Label your mat so caregivers always know who it belongs to. This is especially useful in a facility where things can be misplaced.
  • A functional strap allows the caregiver to attach the activity mat to a wheelchair, walker, bedrail, etc. That way mat is always within your loved one’s reach and isn’t always falling on the ground. Caregivers are so happy when they realize they won’t have to bend over all day to pick up the mat.
  • Machine washable – Because caregiving can be messy!

The Made With Love mat will keep your loved one busy with at least 12 different textures and features to explore:

  • Calming soft flannel on the front and snuggly fleece on the back for extra soothing.
  • The mystery pocket is so fun! Behind the familiar image of the vintage sewing machine is a string of plastic pearls. Take them out of the pocket. Put them back in. Rediscover them and pull them out again. Hours of entertainment! It’s amazing how nice and comforting it feels to run your hand along the string of plastic pearls. Definitely a favorite activity.
  • The red and white sewing-themed fabric is a flap that lifts up and makes a pleasant crinkly sound. The fabric is high-contrast and easy to see even for people with diminished eyesight. Scrunch it, squeeze it, fold it. The crinkly flap is so fun and soothing that even caregivers enjoy it!
  • A golden satin ribbon is on a sweet and familiar vintage rosebud fabric. The silky ribbon is soothing and entertaining. Your loved one will be content twirling the ribbon around her fingers, pulling on it or making a bow and undoing it over and over again.
  • The cheerful red elastic ribbon is springy and stretchy – great for twisting and pulling.
  • The bumpy, scratchy texture of this high-contrast, white fabric will keep your loved one’s attention. Scritch scratch. Your loved one will be fascinated by the unique sound and interesting texture.
  • The piece of authentic tape measure is sewn on one side, so that your loved one can lift the other side. The rubbery, stiff texture is perfect for pinching, bending, and squeezing.
  • The button on the ribbon is a soothing element, and rubbing it like a “worry bead” is calming and comforting. This feature is especially helpful for people with repetitive behaviors like scratching, picking, nail biting, or hair pulling.

Dimensions: approximately 21 inches wide by 12 inches high.
Hand sewn with love in North Carolina, so minor variations may occur.
100% Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee.