Geraplay™ Sunny Days Activity Mat

Your Sunny Days activity mat is loaded with 14 unique textures and features to keep your loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia busy day after day. Your loved one will enjoy scrunching the crinkly yellow sun, stroking the soft cloud, squeezing the flowers, and much more. The combination of soothing and stimulating elements is designed to make your loved one calmer, happier, and more alert. More Good Days are on the Way!

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This fun activity mat has a unique combination of soothing textures and interesting features that is specifically designed to help your loved one be calmer, more alert, and more cooperative. You’ll be so relieved at how much time your loved one can spend exploring the Sunny Days mat.

This activity mat is perfect even for people with more advanced dementia. The bright, bold colors appeal to people with glaucoma or poor eyesight, and the larger design elements work well for people with impaired dexterity due to arthritis or lack of coordination.

PLUS this activity mat is thoughtfully designed with great features to make caregiving easier!

  • This mat includes a blank name label on the back of the mat to write your loved one’s name! Label your mat so caregivers always know who it belongs to. This is especially useful in a facility where things can be misplaced.
  • A functional strap allows the caregiver to attach the activity mat to a wheelchair, walker, bedrail, etc. That way mat is always within your loved one’s reach and isn’t always falling on the ground. Caregivers are so happy when they realize they won’t have to bend over all day to pick up the mat.
  • Machine washable – Because caregiving can be messy!

The Sunny Days mat is loaded with 14 different textures and features to explore:

  • The soft brown fabric and the fluffy white cloud are soothing features that people enjoy petting and caressing. Very calming!
  • The engaging purple rose bud is soft and silky and with multiple layers to fold and unfold. The rose bud is attached to elastic ribbon that is fun to pull and twist.
  • The bright sun is a flap that lifts up and makes a pleasant crinkly sound. Scrunch it, squeeze it, fold it. It’s so fun and soothing that even caregivers enjoy it!
  • The bumpy fleece fabric of the lavender-colored flower and the cheerful orange button are perfect for picking and rubbing. These features keep everyone busy and are especially helpful for people with repetitive behaviors such as scratching, picking, nail biting, or hair pulling.
  • Your loved one will enjoy pinching and poking the thick floppy stalk underneath the pink tulle puff ball. The puff ball is one of my favorite elements. You can scrunch it up, try to smooth it flat, twist it, rub it, pet it, and so on. It also makes a nice, scratchy sound as you play with it.
  • The cheerful sunflower has a ruffled stem and a button to fidget with. You can expect your loved one to twist and squeeze the floppy yellow flower A LOT.

Dimensions: approximately 21 inches wide by 13 inches high.
Hand sewn with love in North Carolina, so minor variations may occur.
100% Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee.